Plastic The Funky Mulatto – On The Line (Video)

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“P=MC2” is the first solo LP but 11th project from Plastic_tfm a.k.a. Plastic The Funky Mulatto. The Album features: Nottz, Marco Polo, Stu Bangas, Nolan The Ninja, The Artifacts, A.G. from D.I.T.C., Kyo Itachi and other very talented frequent collaborators. From front to back this album tells a story. HIStory!! With witty rhymes, crazy flows, tight production, respectable features, dope cuts from DJ’s and an unmatched energy. This album makes any Hip Hop heart beat higher. 

Video Single “On The Line”Every artist uses art to express their feelings and experiences in life. It isn’t any different for Plastic. His writings and raps are his therapy. He describes how much he grew through life and processed his emotions through his art. The song obviously shows how much everybody could benefit of using creativity as an outlet to let loose and put it “On The Line”.

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