(INTERVIEW) Ruthless Mars (HIP HOP I AM)

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Track on the “Hip Hop I Am” album – track -5 – Fast Life –  Ruthless Mars

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[TUHH] Tell us about yourself. Name? Where are you from? What kind of music you create? 

My name is Mark Ryan Costa aka Ruthless Mars I'm from Fall River Massachusetts and I create 

underground hip hop music.

[TUHH] How did you get started in music?

I've always listened to hip hop especially when it was at its prime. I appreciate the 90's era and 

I've always had an interest in writing. I started off with a few local groups and then from there I 

started working with other producers and artists by socializing and building connections. 

TUHH] How did the Hip Hop I Am album come about?

Supreme was already working on this album before I met him. I was introduced to him by word 

of mouth. A good friend of mine by the name of Jimmy Neutron, who is also a producer, was 

working on on a mixtape and asked me to collaborate with him. 

Jimmy was connected with Supreme at the time and knew about the production of the Hip Hop I 

Am album . Jimmy linked me up with Supreme and from there I was added to the album.

[TUHH] What was the vision for your song on the " HIP HOP I AM " album? What was the title? 

Why did you choose that title?

The title of the song is Fast Life. Supreme sent me the track and I listened to it. 

It has a good tempo and it reminded me of living in the fast life. I think everyone can relate to 

time flying by and living against the clock. I was inspired by the hook of the song. It was all 

instincts and I'm happy that it worked out the way it did.

[TUHH] What is your favorite part of creating music or performing?

I enjoy expressing myself through my music. It is an outlet for whatever is going on in my life. I 

think that other people can relate to the topics that I rap about and I enjoy every part of the 


[TUHH] Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from other artists as well as my experience in life. I know that people listen 

to my music and they can relate or find inspiration in it themselves. This motivates me because I 

want my music to be around for years to come.

[TUHH] What are some of the highlights from the past year for you? What’s in store for 2016?

This past year of course we have dropped the track "Fast Life" from the "Hop I Am Album: 

produced by Supreme. I also finished wrapping up the music video for it. You can listen to the 

album on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play and many other music streaming apps.

In addition, like working on a mixtape called "The Blackhole" produced by Jimmy Guzman AKA 

Jimmy Neutron. I'm featured on 5 of the tracks. 

I'm scheduled to shoot a music video from the Blackhole mixtape next month for the track called 

"Sick of Working".You can find more information on this mixtape on Instagram @ 

jimmy_neu_tron . 

I also have a project in the works with Ra Cyph, who is an artist based out of West Covina, 

California. Shout out to Ra Cyph. You can find more information on these tracks on my 

Facebook page Mark Ryan Costa (Ruthless Mars) and Ra Cyph's Instagram @ therealracyph .

After I finish up the tracks with Ra Cyph, I'm going to focus on my album that I'm planning on 

dropping in 2016 that has yet to be named. 

[TUHH] If you had to pick your top 5 ‘coolest things in the world’, what would they be? (can be 

music related… or not)

My family, my daughter, my friends, music and my pen.

[TUHH] Who is your favorite or most loyal fans?

My Daughter, my supporters and my listeners.

[TUHH] What is one thing you’ve learned during your career in music? Any advice for people 

starting out in the industry?

Stay humble and don't stop hustling. 

[TUHH] Anything else we should know about you?

I have a few performances in the works in about 2 months. You can find more information on my 

Facebook page @ Mark Ryan Costa (Ruthless Mars) and on Twitter at Ruthless_Mars

[TUHH] Where can your fans find you on the web? (social media/website links)

You can find more information on all of my upcoming projects on Facebook @ Mark Ryan 

Costa (Ruthless Mars) and on Twitter at Ruthless_Mars. I'm also on Spotify, iTunes, Google 

Play, and https://www.reverbnation.com/ruthlessmars
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