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Track on the “Hip Hop I Am” album – track -6 – Feel the Urge (feat. Jon Bla Q)

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[TUHH] Tell us about yourself. Name? Where are you from? What kind of music you create? 

Los D : What's good fam, I go by the name of "Los D. The P.O.E.T", and I'm 1/2 of the group called: "Purest Form", and 1/5th of the 
crew "The Creative Intellect Alliance." Basically, I'm an emcee from the great state of Ohio, but I now reside in Morganton, North Carolina, 
and I create this maginificent music that we call Hip hop. I've always been a lover of all music, whether it was hip hop, rock or reggae. I'm
a big fan of the era of hip hop between (86'-98') or what most of us refer to as the golden era.

[TUHH] How did you get started in music?

Los D : Ah, man, where do I start? Well, I was fortunate enough to be apart of a family, that is very musicial oriented. I have 
uncles, and cousins that all engage in the music. Most of which, are singers, or they play some type of instrument. I just happened to be 
the only one that had the ability and passion to be rapper/ emcee. My influences are artists like; Mos Def, Talib Kweli, A Tribe Called Quest,
9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Mobb Deep, and the list just goes on and on.

[TUHH] How did the Hip Hop I Am album come about?

Los D : Oh, yeah, was a very interesting come about. One day I just happened to be sitting in the lab, listening to the Mobb Deep's 
"Murda Muzik" album, and while I was chillin listen to the music. Preme hit me up, and was like; "Yo Son, I got this Hot beat, I think you could 
rock on for my compliation album. At the time, i knew Preme was always making and posting random crazy beats, but had no idea that he was 
creating this secret album of craziness. So, I was like, email me the jammage, and when I heard it, I thought to myself; "Yo, I got something 
for that right now, that i just had memorized that actually fit the tempo of the beat. So, I was going over it, and thinking, like I wanted to 
put my crew on it, but the beat was kind of short, plus at the time, everyone was still at work or what not, so I hit up my homeboy "Jon BlaQ" 
from out of Winston Salem, North Carolina, and the rest is history.

[TUHH] What was the vision for your song on the " HIP HOP I AM " album? What was the title? Why did you choose that title?

Los D : At first I didn't know WHAT, I was going to do with it for about an hour, until I figured out I would drop that verse on it that 
I already had memoried from way back. And the first line goes; "I feel the urge again, electricity surging in" and it was for me, like saying; 
"I Feel that urge to rock rhymes again", because I originally took a 5 yr break from the music. That's how the title (Feel The Urge) came about, 
track #6.

[TUHH] What is your favorite part of creating music or performing?

Los D : My absolute favorite part of creating hip hop music, is the creation of beats. Knowing the fact that how I put beat together 
myself, is just another form of how my mind works, and I get to display it within the production. Now, performing, is another beast, I love 
doing shows tho, I haven't gotten a chance to do many, but I've had my share tho.

[TUHH] Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Los D : My inspiration comes from a lot of places, I actually could do an entire interview just on this question alone, but mainly, 
just the love of the culture and wanting to contribute something creative to it, is my main focuse, and motivation. Also, every now and then
I get crazy idea's for sounds, and sometimes even metaphorically, I pull things from a unique variety of movies, and Japanese anime cartoons, 
as weird as it seems, I'm a fan of all things, and I tend to mesh the together when I create music.

[TUHH] What are some of the highlights from the past year for you? What?s in store for 2016? 

Los D : 2016? 2015 isn't over just yet, we are in the lab now, making new beats as we speak for the new "Purest Form" album. That right
now is my only focus, as far as 2016, even more. We're just trying to create a wave of music, that stand the test of time. We want to one day 
be known as that next legendary group; like a Wu Tang, Tribe Called Quest, or Heiroglyphics.

[TUHH] If you had to pick your top 5 ?coolest things in the world?, what would they be? (can be music related? or not)

Los D : Hmm, Naruto Anime, Dragon Ball Z, Los D. The P.O.E.T (lol) my family and my crew. Actually I really can't say, it's one to really 
think about.

[TUHH] Who is your favorite or most loyal fans?

Los D : I'm not really sure about favorite fans, but I really respect those that actually listen, and will give me honest feed back. 
(The loyal Ones)

[TUHH] What is one thing you?ve learned during your career in music? Any advice for people starting out in the industry?

Los D : I got a few things I've learned. 1. Not everyone is out to be your friend, if you can grasp that concept, you'll be ok, and as 
far as any advice. Learn how to market things for yourself, and figure out who your actual targeted fans are, and where they reside. I believe 
if we as artists figure these couple of things out, we'll be good to go.

[TUHH] Anything else we should know about you?

Los D : Nothing other than I'm cool peeps, and willing to spark a conversation with whoever wishes to be conversated with, and be on 
the look out for me to drop a massive amount of music very soon!

[TUHH] Where can your fans find you on the web? (social media/website links)

Los D : http://sounddropmedia.com | @losdmusic on: "Facebook, ReverNation, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Twitter" if you want to be friends 
and want to talk directly Shoot me a friends request at: http://facebook.com/SoundDropMedia (that's my actual facebook profile just to chill, and spark convo.

Peace and blessings, and thanks to "The Underground Hip Hop" for giving me the opportunity to be apart of your blog, and Shout out to Su-Preme for putting me 
on the "HIP HOP I AM" compilation Album. Get that joint on "iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play." For Physical Copy, hit his website at: http://syklopz.com/music.thm 
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