(INTERVIEW) Continuous Intelligence (HIP HOP I AM)

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Track on the “Hip Hop I Am” album – track -4 – End of Days – Continuous Intelligence

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[TUHH] Tell us about yourself. Name? Where are you from? What kind of music you create?
Artist Answer : I go by the name Continuous Intelligence.  Im from Slime City aka West Haven, CT.  I like to think of my style as gritty, creative, clever, complex, loud, amped up knowledge dropping.  You really have to be a fan of wordplay and lyrics to like my art. Articulated thoughts well spoken to death symphonies..
[TUHH] How did you get started in music?
Continuous Intelligence : I started wayyyyy back many years ago after hearing Raekwons “Only Built for Cuban Links” album.   That purple tape still in heavy rotation in my world.
[TUHH] How did the Hip Hop I Am album come about?
Continuous Intelligence : I was reaching out to SuPreme for beats and he happened to be planning the album at the time and asked to hear something of mine.  I sent my track I made for HellRazah titled “The Abduction” and he liked it and let me bless Hip Hop I Am.  Im very greatful
[TUHH] What was the vision for your song on the ” HIP HOP I AM ” album? What was the title? Why did you choose that title?
Continuous Intelligence : My vision was to awake the masses to the real issue in this country, which is Government vs We the people. They have Fema camps ready and have been preparing for a civil war. Theyre using race and religion to divide and conquer us and my vision was to unite everyone.  The track is called “End of Days” which i believe we are in right now and unity is very important for survival
[TUHH] What is your favorite part of creating music or performing?
Continuous Intelligence : My favorite part is the artists and producers i’ve worked with that became like family to me.  I love hearing talented artists and there is so many not being heard because of wack asss industry standards.
[TUHH] Where do you get your inspiration from?
Continuous Intelligence : Wu Tang.  Plain and simple. The Wu and their affiliates are the best. Period
[TUHH] What are some of the highlights from the past year for you? What’s in store for 2016?
Continuous Intelligence : “Hip Hop I Am” is this years main highlight. I have a project in the works with My group Auditory Suicide called Pretentious Versifiers that i hope to finish soon. Also im working on a double CD mixtape called Continuous The Never Ending Story.
[TUHH] If you had to pick your top 5 ‘coolest things in the world’, what would they be? (can be music related… or not)
Continuous Intelligence :
1.My RX7- been my project for 16yrs and is about 90% complete.
2.My family and friends- Love.
3.Star Wars- yea im a nerd
4.Latinas- Gods Gift
5.Jetpacks- they fucking exist and i want one
[TUHH] Who is your favorite or most loyal fans?
Continuous Intelligence : Other artists and honestly i prefer it like that.  They know the work that goes in and appreciate just how good a line is.
[TUHH] What is one thing you’ve learned during your career in music? Any advice for people starting out in the industry?
Continuous Intelligence: These Labels are shady.  Even the ones that seem harmless are out for self and they REALLY dont like being outshined by talent.  My advice is go Independant. Im not really into this for the money but if you are, you in it for the wrong reason. Hip Hop, i mean REAL hip Hop is in the blood. Its an idea, a truth, an expression.  Hip Hop is Love and its rarely on the radio.
[TUHH] Anything else we should know about you?
Continuous Intelligence : I love pitbulls, sarcasm, rotary engines and i absolutely love watching people fall or get hit wit shit.  I’ll collab free of charge if I’m feeling your music most of the time.  Down to earth family man.
[TUHH] Where can your fans find you on the web? (social media/website links)
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