#HIPHOPISHIPHOP – Hip Hop for the World [Official Music Video]

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#HIPHOPISHIPHOP is a Hip Hop version of “We Are The World” charity single. 14 rappers from 14 different countries express their love for Hip Hop in their own languages and styles. All profits will be donated for children’s education through UNICEF. When I see a video like this it just shows me and reminds me that real hip hop is accepted and loved more around the world then the actual place it was created. NY Hip Hop hasn’t been the same for a long time  and nobody supports each other anymore. NY has become nothing but watered down music and a large majority of NY Rappers have cloned the south style of trap music. Things have changed and it’s sickening in my opinion. But when I see  hip hop is still loved and spread in other countries I can feel proud of that. I remember having dope cyphers on street corners or parks. The true essence of hip hop was still in the air and everyone had a passion for it. This video was a great concept along with the song.  All of these emcees have done a great job and shown their love for the hip hop art. I am going to give this track a 5 because it is genuine and stands for something. It isn’t a song about who’s better, how much money they have, what kind of clothes they own or how many females they having sex with. The entire track was a masterpiece of Love, Hip Hop, Art, Dedication, Peace and Understanding.


iTunes: https://itun.es/us/LcY45

Artists – Location:
San E – South Korea
Strike The Head – Italy
Frenkie – Bosnia
Pendekar – Singapore
Adx – India
Valete – Portugal
Mr Phormula – Wales
Yacko – Indonesia
SadmAnn – Bangladesh
Julian Nagano – Japan
Deeb – Egypt
Mr. Skin – Taiwan
Redrama – Finland
KRS-One – United States

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