Caper Releases New track as a nft

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Times are changing and with the development of cryptocurrency and NFT’s it’s taking music to a new level. Underground hip hop artist “Caper” seems to be adapting to the technology of the future. Are the days of CD, Vinyl and cassette tapes over? I don’t think they will be gone but NFT’s are hot in 2021.

Caper’s latest track is called “Kurrent Eventz” featuring Saunt, Redd Rebel & Supreme Sniper is currently on a blockchain minted as an NFT (Non Fungible Token). the track was recorded in 2018 for his album “Tiger Claw” and he decided to remove it because it didn’t fit the vibe of his project.

Fast forward to 2021 caper decided to make it an NFT to share with with the world. Take a listen to the track preview and show your hip hop support.—Caper-feat-Saunt-Redd-Rebel–Supreme-Sniper-Unreleased-Song-by-underground-hip-hop-artist-Caper/_aJYGW6mwaJoyq_?fbclid=IwAR2ND_YKKc0dT3fEm9r2XIYqw0t8VzINT5tl0Q32ZUmOmaTvnha2V0ppy4k

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