(ALBUM PREMIERE) Dom Pachino & Bronze Nazareth – WAR POETRY

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War Poetry Limited Edition Details:

In an industry where CD sales are drastically decreasing due to media share files on various torrent sites, it is difficult for artists to keep producing physical copies for their true supporters. The only way to obtain a physical copy of “War Poetry” is by pre order. All orders for the hardcopy must be in by the shipping date of August 10th, 2015. After the shipping date, no physical copies will be available for purchase, only digital.

The highly anticipated collaboration album titled “War Poetry” by prolific lyricist, KILLARMY member Dom Pachino and acclaimed Wu-Tang producer Bronze Nazareth is a must have for all Wu-Tang/KILLARMY enthusiasts. The erie dark militant soundscape, combined with soulful samples and infused with terrorist vocal tones, will serve as a platter for starving soldiers like canned goods in a time of war. Featuring the likes of Killa Sin, Shyheim, Prodical Sun, Termanology, C Rayz Walz, Shogun Da Assasin, Timbo King, Pop Da Brown Hornet, Leathafase, Block Mcloud, Bugsy Da God, Dro Pesci, Sav Kills, The WiseMen, with an additional bonus track produced by the talented 4th Disciple.

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