Twan Mack Marvelous (Official Music Video)

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As the opening credits to the visual suggest, the force is definitely with Twan Mack and his latest musical masterpiece “Marvelous”. This time around he’s the superhero RapMan who’s main concern (get it, Main Concern?) is interrupting his contemporaries in the midst of their questionable behavior. In all four scenarios RapMan’s interventions are unwelcome and the tables are turned, resulting in him being chased and/or confronted. The flip side of Marvelous finds Mack paying homage to jazz legend Bob James and the Kings of Rock, Run Dmc. Shot by B’Yond entertainment, the visual entertains and keeps you laughing with each situation. The song was written by Mack, with production coming from him and his partner Ben Block under the Kareem City Music banner. As we begin to piece together the world during the Corona Virus pandemic, this video helps us find levity during trying times. The cast includes: Mike Phillips as the Man who goes H.A.M. Kelsey Reid as Ms I’ll Wear What I Want Mike Oldham as Mr. 420 & Chill Nana and Lil Nana as the Vegas Twins Mark Samman as the Head Nodding B-Boy Griffin Lampasona as the Unconcerned Gamer For all things Twan Mack Click Below:…


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