Swordplay – Taiyamo Denku feat Afu-Ra

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Step into the Dojo that is the initial reaction the erie asian themed production by Australian Beatsmith gives off from the jump of the song. This is the 4th single that CyphaDen’s own Taiyamo Denku drops from the upcoming release “The Book of CyphaDen” Denku leads off both verses strong with lyrics and clever wordplay and doesn’t let up till the final edge of his sword at the end of each verse. Afu has a very unique style that you can recognize anywhere, from his popular Life Force album. Afu has not been quiet he just moved his location to overseas. Denku found and recruited the silent verse assassin and they created “Swordplay” on this track. Listen to the new single Swordplay and preorder the new album “The Book of Cyphaden” that drops on Sept 3rd .

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