Stann Smith – Gone

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Stann Smith – Gone Produced by Stann Smith

Stann Smith - Gone

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Stann Smith is a musician from Brooklyn,NY who hones his talent in Melody, Tonality, and Poem. He articulates conscious messages through melodic and concise lyrics over traditional hip hop drum loops and synthy chord progressions. Add an over the top and awarding stage presence and you have a new-age artist that can appeal to hip hop enthusiast as well as general listeners. Honing his skills in some of the toughest bars, clubs, barber shops and beauty salons NY has to offer you know this guy bring his A-Game on the mic.”Music is my passion, my skill, and my craft. Even though I might get a standing ovation in a room, or admiration from other inspiring musicians I still and always will consider myself a student of rhythm”.

If playing a harmonica over alternative hip hop isnt compelling enough, Stann Smith has proven himself as more than just an underdog of the growing alternative hip hop genre. He fuses lyrical dexterity over unorthodox polyphonic orchestration containing elements of jazz, folk, and blues melodies over lo-fi acid jazz drum loops for a unique hip hop sound. Taking his name from the adidas sneakers he frequently wore throughout his years of high school, Stann Smith is becoming a prominent force in the Brooklyn hip hop scene. Recieving airplay from Brooklyn College’s WBCR 1090 AM to recieving praise from legends like Rock from Heltah Skeltah, he is definitely someone to look out for. Taking his skills to coffeehouses and bars, he grew a diverse appreciation for music and songwriting. Using an Akai MPC 4000, A Harmonica and Vocals as his primary instruments, Stann Smith is a lyricist and music producer that continue to expand the genre of hip hop as we know it.

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