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Ft: Ghostface Killah
Produced By: 2Deep

[Verse 1: Shyheim]
Niggas talk, tryna 187 me
Lying where they stand, lil man that’s perjury
No red on the bottom, not a speck of burgundy
I don’t pay no hitmen, I do my dirt personally
Mask on my face looking like I’m Halloween
Peace to Shyheim, R.I.P. Naheem
Pussy niggas get shot up, in my hood we just ridas
Best advice not to try us, stapled til we the livest
I be skiing in the game, snowboarding with the work
All blue everything, come through looking like a Smurf
When I hit you with this 40 that you did, gon’ hurt
Get the flowers, get the casket, get the hearse
My name rugged, my motto is fuck it
I slaughter everybody in the house for frontin’
I got a court date, felony charges
Tell the judge I ain’t coming, he can put out the warrant

I look up, you’re a liar
The pretender, getting higher
You’re a lover, not a fighter
Straight pretender, drinking fire

[Verse 2: Ghostface Killah]
The guns are dirty, the pumps in the big park
Mask on, we champion down and it’s pitch dark
Strictly business, homes, no jewellery on
Extortion, yeah we gon’ take what you barely own
Down to the handkerchiefs, bank slips, whips
You got your little chick to co-sign
Now I’m gon’ take the bitch
And I’ma – teach you how to master the slow neck
Boy like the suce whip it like a ?
Condos with no rent, six hundred thousand
In hefty bags with no room sitting in the vents
Yeah, I cut your motherfucking dick off
Every time I see you on the streets I’ma lick off
Aiming at your ligaments, bullshit story
You turn palaver, know that the Gods ain’t legitimate
Gentlemen, this is rope talk
Therefore you getting AC on a roll call


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