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Thank you to Yuan Bartholomew for the MUNI love, and the support for many years.

Special Thanks to San Francisco State University students Blue Kalamian, David Quiroga and Kirsten Storment, the entire Hip Hop Workshop class of Spring 2016 and especially Professor DEF and the legendary Davey D! This video would not be possible without you! – rr

Turn You Lyrics

You think I live Happily Ever After?
This ain’t a mothafuckin’ fairy tale
Yeah I was caught up in the rapture
But now common sense must prevail, huh?
I ain’t a muthafuckin’ princess
Even though I do enjoy the finer things
Rather be a pirate in a red dress…with a treasure chest
Fuck a diamond ring…but I’m a prolly get maarrried
Only ‘cause I need a tax break
Don’t need a reason to party
And I don’t need one just to eat cake
I’m ya new girl, fuck ya old bitch
I got my own rules now you need to get with
Bout time a brotha got with the program
No sir, yes sir, no ma’am, yes ma’am
But it’s more than just etiquette
See, I’ma turn you to a feminist
I’ma show you how good it is
To have a woman on top, handlin’ biz
Handlin’ mine – ain’t nothin’ wrong about it
Tired of talkin’ bout it, we need to be about it
I’m liberated, ain’t nothin’ you can do about it
I’m liberated ain’t NOTHIN you can do about it…

Yeah I’ma turn you to a feminist
I’m a turn you to a feminist
I’ma turn YOU to a feminist
Yup, you a Feminist

How many times I gotta tell you?
I ain’t impressed with the pedigree
I ain’t a mothafuckin’ debutante
But I appreciate the chivalry
Rather have it that you treat me like an equal
Introduce me when we chillin’ with your people
Let ‘Em know I was the one who held you down with a dayy job
When you dropped your first single
I don’t tolerate that fake pimp shit
Coward ass flashy limpdick shit
If you rap about fellatio again, i’ma come to the conclusion
That you really on some simp shit..ha
Go ‘head and Drake it out, cry it out, hug it out
You know what I’m talkim’ bout
Papa shoulda taught you to acknowledge your emotions
‘Specially when your baby mama walking out
But it’s more than just philosophy
You can have the world, I have the universe inside of me
You can have the fame, I got my family to ride with me
Take my last name, but you can’t deny my history
I’ma show you what it means to have equality
I’ma make my ancestors proud of me
I’ma help you redefine masculinity
My fate is greater than the gender you assign to me…


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