Rockboy G’z – Salute (VIDEO)

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Released off of D/R Period’s Rockboy Records, the ROCKBOY G’z return with their single “SALUTE” (produced by Ten Street) from their forthcoming debut EP “G WORLD ORDER”. In the military it’s customary for you to “Salute” your commanding officer but in the street where battles are fought, lost and won everyday. Rockboy G’z use it as a sign of respect and acknowledgement of the bonds they share the work put in and wars they have fought. On and off the battlefield from the block to corporate America to the prison yards they Salute their friends, family and fallen soldiers. Respect is earned not given and they earned theirs the old fashioned way, so when you see the G’z walking the street, “SALUTE”.

Rockboy G'z - Salute

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“SALUTE” is now available on iTunes .

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