Paranormal – Beauty Behind The Bruise (Anti) – Prod. Nea (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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Flowers around me blossom oddly…strange colors of bodies without numbers/ Who shall die for a thousand lies mounted for some payoff/ Immune to the tunes of chaos, holders of the unorthodox/ We will not, I repeat we will not, prepaid visions/ Dream dodger martyr, system dropout, one of many eraser children/ Reply as anti…man in a box on his own time/…Yet the verdict rebukes our soul/ Speak for weirdos who can’t cope under tear stained pillows/ Blow up the outside world, pathos of patient zero/ Come through as taboo, tuned from the squalor house of blues/ This is the punk movement renewed, beauty behind the bruise/

The fuck you know about your Queen locked in psych wards/…And seeing that emptiness take your Dawn/ Your CD spins gifts, may it shine eternally/ Something not meant for me/ Something only in dreams/ I agree at times ‘Thinking Is’ the enemy/ Closer to closure…cries behind the Stygian strings/ Conversations with thin air, disgrace in the mirror/ That fallen grace figure…grows lesser/ The veil of a smile for outsiders, shadows of the heart draw back from that unforgettable fire/…Stereo I want it on, tune in to turn away from all/ Stereo I want it on, tune in to turn away from yall/

Twitch from just a thought of caress/ An inch of forever captured…twisted by tears of joy and regret/ A junkie for any sort of happiness, memoirs of the abandoned generation/ Again I apologize ’cause I’ve mistaken/

To Kimberly Pacent. If I may quote Psalms 30:5, “Tears may flow in the night, but joy comes in the morning.” To a Queen and comrade whose presence alone was a gift. Not a day goes by where your smile and laughter does not reverberate in my psyche. Where I don’t recall your phone calls just to assure me, “until we hang out again, find things to laugh and smile at in the meantime.” May all of us continue to do so. Major appreciation to Nea for her incredible contribution behind the production boards. A short outline was all she needed to concoct such a tribute. -Beauty Behind The Bruise (Anti)-
*Recorded and mixed by Gio Flow at Langumas Studio.
*Art cover by Kimberly Pacent

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