Music NFT’s

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Who is interested in creating music NFT’s ?

NFT means Non-fungible tokens and are considered assets. Does anyone know what this means? It simply means what you created and mint as an NFT is considered an asset, not money. In today’s world technology rules and it’s time to take the next step into your future. You can either fight it or embrace it. It’s simply up to you but understand the world is changing and technology will rule when it comes to finance.


Currently, there are many Music NFT websites and you will need to research what cryptocurrency you would like to accept as payment for your NFT. Recently I released New music NFT’s on Rocki.App they are a very supportive platform and use the BSC – Binance Smart Chain Network which enables you to make crypto purchases with cheap transactions fees. Unlike the Ethereum network where you will have to pay expensive fees for your transactions. Imagine buying a crypto token and you want to purchase $50.00 worth of a token and have to pay $40 and up to make the transaction happen. That seems like a lot in my opinion especially when you are not promised to make a gain. It’s always a risk with anything you do right.


Let’s take a deeper look into Music NFT’s as we guide you into the future. Imagine you create a music NFT and it’s a great song. Imagine having fans put up money to buy your music NFT. Fans can purchase your music NFT and resell it for a higher price. In the minting process, you can add a percentage if the NFT is sold you can get a piece of the sale profits and anything it’s resold you earn. From my perspective, that sounds better than receiving income for streams as they only pay you pennies for it.

So imagine being able to have your fans being able to invest in your art without the record labels and middlemen. That income can help you push past your limits by directly communicating with your fans and turning it into a music project. Welcome to the NFT Music scene and as every other artist has fans but using NFT’s redefines that aspect to a new platform where record labels aren’t needed. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not with today’s future technology on the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency is on the move, taking the NFT’s and any digital ideas into a new spectrum of life. This is the moment of the start of something special in this generation. Utilizing NFT’s for artist expression, talent, creativity, and vast understanding across worldwide platforms.

What are your thoughts on a NFT or Token?

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