Mike Xavier – Dead Presidents

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As a gifted songwriter who’s delivery is clear and precise, Mike Xavier’s songs are sure to captivate you from start to finish. Far from the usual, he focuses on creating quality music for listeners to relate too. Providing fans with musical content that evokes emotion, while offering food for thought. Xavier is undoubtedly a refreshing and unique Hip Hop artist.


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Written by Mike Xaiver


I told my mama I’m gonna make it
she told me no doubt
she said you’re real so never fake it
ma I’m about to show out / it’s been a drought
so I’m out here trying to bring a little change in the game
people say they hear my music then don’t look at it the same
so I’m focused this for all my people feeling hopeless
with their back against the wall feeling like nobody ever notice
for my brothers, that be puffing like a locomotive
to free their mind but all they got left now to smoke is roaches
the game is cold / see the pride in my soul
a better father than my father but you know how that go
so I ain’t preaching to the choir I’m just telling you this
you get a shot you better take it least you know if you missed
the flow is a gift I get it man these haters is pissed
they ain’t close to realizing what this life really is
so understand it I’m gonna still the game just like a bandit
if they ever put me on then best believe I’m taking full advantage
never dealing with no frauds cause they’re underhanded
faker than those double Ds that be implanted
painting pictures over beats I treat them like a canvas
hypnotize you with the flow I’m sicker than your average
yea but still I keep to my own
and it was hard growing up with a car for a home
moved to the projects PJs living the ghetto life
brothers in the hood plotting how to rob a bank right for dead presidents

yeah, they do it all for dead presidents
I tell my son go chase a dream
you can conquer anything
it ain’t all about the green man

and so I’m out here trying to make it but ain’t tripping son I know that I will
fake friends will leave you hanging when it’s time to be real
drug deals at the corner making brothers die quick
and it’s a shame how people getting shot in front of their crib
so I pray and hope that you can make it alone
it ain’t easy for these females getting beating at home
now that I think about it y’all gon’ probably miss me when I’m gone
cause I’m one of only few that puts emotions in a song
straight up / go get your weight up / cause I’m coming
I’m sick of all this music coming out that don’t be never saying nothing
where you been at cause homie we’ve been needing you for years
I’m having deep conversations with the man up in the mirror
so yeah let it burn some people never learn
I waited for who’s next they’re saying it’s my turn
they’re saying it’s my turn
they’re saying it’s my turn listen
everybody has a genius inside
remember back when Big had taught me that the limits the sky
back when Pac had given me all of my ambitions to ride
I told myself that I would never be too scared just to try
you see Nas went and told me that the world was mine
so I knew that I would change it man one song at a time
cause my music’s influential, you could say it’s sublime
I’m just out here trying to help mankind it ain’t about the dead presidents

it ain’t about dead presidents
I tell my son go chase a dream
you can conquer anything
it ain’t all about the green man

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