Life Like This Taiyamo DenkuFeat Jadakiss

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Milwaukee bar arsonist Taiyamo Denku and Australian producer partner Dcypha have a long line of solid releases. The duo also put together serious guest features from fellow lyricists such as Kool G Rap, Reks, Rass Kass, Vinnie Pazz and the list goes on. Now, the Cypha Den Music imprint gets an assist from LOX frontman Jadakiss for their latest single, “Life Like This”. The song offers two different mindsets, with Denku going in on half way thugs and Kiss giving a first person account of life in the streets. Overall, both points lead up to the message in the chorus; living a “Life Like This” must stop and change must follow. The single is also available for free download from the attached Soundcloud player.
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