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Track on the “Hip Hop I Am” album – track -3 – Da Order –  Mc Saunt, Redd Rebel, Caper & Sinista

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[TUHH] Tell us about yourself. Name? Where are you from? What kind of music you create?

MC SAUNT : Ahhhh the proverbial ” who am I ” question. How deliciously philosophical. I expect the answer varies depending on who you ask. I may be the coolest mofo to you & a piece of sh*t to someone else. I don’t think there is a correct answer to this question. I could say something really scientific like ” Im nothing more than a biological machine whos consciousness is nothing more than a collection of electrical impulses” or something esoteric like ” Im an immortal spirit evolving through human experiences”. Truth be told the most honest answer is that Im a work in progress like everyone else but for the sake of simplicity I will simply say Im Saunt. An artist from the bronx living in jersey with his daughter & his 2 dogs trying to do the best I can. As far as what kind of music I create I would have to first clarify that I consider myself a writer first. My music much like my other artistic ventures can probably best be described as abstract art conceived in the womb of my own personal experience. Art imitating life.


[TUHH] How did you get started in music?

MC SAUNT : Music,literature,poetry, & performing arts have been a part of my life as far as I can remember. My grandma was actually a spanish gypsy who made her living as a travelling street performer. My uncle was heavily involved in politics back in Cuba but was also a very well known poet in the old regime. I was raised by my grandfather & from the moment I can remember being aware he was always filling our home with the sounds of everything from Afro-Carribean folk music to Muddy Waters singing his blues about stormy mondays. I remember playing air guitar to Red House by Hendrix & putting on a show for my older cousins. I guess its just always been there. I didnt actually begin trying to make it a career until fairly recent but Ive been induldging my creative musical impulses since I was in diapers. LOL.

[TUHH] How did the Hip Hop I Am album come about?

MC SAUNT : The label I’m signed to (DARKSTARZ RECORDS) has been a Wu Corp affiliate for some time know & I’ve worked with Su-Preme before. I was fortunate enough to make the right impression I guess & was invited to be part of this particular project. As with every opportunity in the field of music I’m just grateful to be able to work with such talented like minded people.

[TUHH] What was the vision for your song on the ” HIP HOP I AM ” album? What was the title? Why did you choose that title?

MC SAUNT : The song Im on is called ” Da Order”. The reason I chose that title was because it is both how I view my label & what we offer the world of hip hop. We are much like an ancient order attempting to preserve our cultures music in its purest form.

[TUHH] What is your favorite part of creating music or performing?



MC SAUNT: By far its the actual creative process I enjoy the most. The meditating on a concept,writing, collaborating with my fellow artists, and recording. Everything else is just a by product of the process.

[TUHH] Where do you get your inspiration from?

MC SAUNT: As I mentioned earlier my influences vary quite a bit but the inspiration for my music almost always stems from my personal experiences & whatever emotional state I may be in at the time. My tears & my smiles …. my victories & defeats….these are the inspirations behind my sound.

[TUHH] What are some of the highlights from the past year for you? Whatís in store for 2016?

MC SAUNT : Im not gonna bullsh%t ya! Its been a rough couple years for Saunt. In the past 2 & a half years my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I had a cancer scare, I almost lost my house, I buried several friends, fought a criminal case, & even one of my dogs has a tumor in his chest among other things. That being said I think these past couple years has been filled with a great amount of building at DSR & certainly had its shares of highlights. Personally though I think meeting Greg Nice & chillin with Kool DJ Herc was certainly on the top of my highlights list. As far as actual achievements go I believe “Dawn of The Apeshit” & “Eviction Notice” by Redd Rebel/PCP are unquestionably some of the best LPs you will hear this year. Im extremely proud to have been a part of that. Now Im not gonna pretend I know what the future holds but I calculate that there is nothing but great things in store for Saunt, Kash, & DSR in the coming year.

[TUHH] If you had to pick your top 5 ëcoolest things in the worldí, what would they be? (can be music relatedÖ or not)

MC SAUNT : 1. Be alive. 2.The freedom we do have 3.Marijuana 4.Art & of course 5. Pussy

[TUHH] Who is your favorite or most loyal fans?

MC SAUNT : WOW…..Im fortunate to have several fans that I have an equal amount of love & gratitude for. So F*ck That!!!!!! YOU ALL SPECIAL TO ME!!!

[TUHH] What is one thing youíve learned during your career in music? Any advice for people starting out in the industry?

MC SAUNT : Listen….no matter what career you are pursuing if its a labor of passion the answers are always the same. Never give up, watch for the snakes, & honor your peoples as you wished to be honored. Trust me …. the only thing the pursuit of passion has taught me is the truth about who I am & my purpose. Cant ask for more than that homey.

[TUHH] Anything else we should know about you?

MC SAUNT : I cant answer that. How am I suppose to know what information the people reading this will value more than the other. Maybe someone thinks they should know more about my political or spiritual beliefs & someone else wants to know if I where boxers or briefs. So I dont f&ckin know…lol. Is there something else you should know?! Holla! I got chu P.S. I go commando ;0)

[TUHH] Where can your fans find you on the web? (social media/website links)

MC SAUNT: Darkstarz Recordz baby!


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