Gab Gotcha – The Opus Decade

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The Opus, Decade by Gab Gotcha.
(Release Date, May 10th, 2016)
(New York-NY)  The Opus, Decade. The latest release by veteran Hip Hop artist Gab Gotcha is a lyrical journey that spans 10 years (thus the title Decade) from 2005 through 2015. Comprised mainly from previously unreleased and new music that has been woven together with interludes that explain each period of time and music the listener is going into.
The overall sound quality is the trademark Steven Velasquez aka Scarboro Mixing and mastering sound that has been a staple in Chief General Gab Gotcha’s career. Along with all the visuals and graphics which he also handles (Steven Scarboro Velasquez), The Hand of the Crown Label is in great hands, The Velasquez Brothers.
Even though The Opus Decade is a project made up of music created during different periods and times of their lives the sound and consistency remain at a high quality and style that is nowadays an almost extinct part of what is now called Hip Hop. Plug ins, laptops and vocal FX have replaced a good ear and that natural sound that differentiates you from the rest. Nowadays you can’t tell rappers apart, they all sound like someone else. Not a problem with the Velasquez Brothers and Hand of The Crown Music. The Opus, Decade will be released May 10th 2016 via most of the major digital retail stores through the label (Hand of The Crown Music) but will also be released physically on a limited edition usb.
The limited edition usb version of The Opus, Decade project will not only include The Opus in a very unique and innovative wax sealed packaging but will also include the projects, (The High Life) and (United  States vs. Gab Gacha) mix tapes  along with unreleased visuals and other rare media. The Ultimate collector’s Item for the consummate Gab Gotcha fan. Thanks and enjoy the first release from Hand of the Crown Music,
The Opus, Decade. By Gab Gotcha

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