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(TUHH)Tell me who is Chanella Jones?

My name is Chanella, I am a 20 years old female rapper.

(TUHH)How you came to hip hop, how did you join the movement?

I arrived to Holland and was a brutal girl, I started fighting so my parents advised me to to start

writing my songs and start singing, and this is how I came to music.

(TUHH)How is the hip hop scene in Nederlands?

Well I have to be honnest, it is not like in America you know.. it is a small wack, they always copy

rappers and stuffs like that. It does not sound real you know, they are just playing, just making

music like that.

(TUHH)I would like to know how is it to be a female rapper, cause we both know you are not numerous

and the movement is mostly masculine? do you feel it? do you think you have to be fighting a bit

more to show that you have something to say?

(TUHH)Well I have to be honnest, here in the Nederlands there are not many female rappers and you are

right I have to be honest you know cause a female MC is not accepted. Cause they are always

discrimiting and say stuffs as you have to go back in the kitchen!

­ So you have to show up more?


(TUHH)And what does your passion for hip hop music brings you? what is the positive?

The positive about hip hop is that you can bring your own style, you can tell people what you feel,

you can express your mind.

­ Ok and is there a negative point?

They forget a lot of kids listen to hip hop and that we ve got to show up an example. And mostly

what I hear is a lot about drugs, sex, fucking, hate.. it is often negative. I think it shall be a bit more

positive. Everything is about money.

(TUHH)So you think they are losing the message because of money and chose the easy way?

Yes and they do not give a real good example for the kids.

­ I know there are many but still I would like to ask you.. if you shall name me an hip hop track that

is important to you, what would it be?

There are some important artists or group.. I like Wu Tang and Tupac of course.

Chanella what are your projects now?

I am working on my first album and this is my focus for now.

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