Champz – Suburban Cowboy

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Im a 27 year old lyricist/songwriter from Long Island NY. I lived in Georgia for a year and I was 13 when I first started rapping/battling. I came back to Long Island NY and Ive been writing ever since. The 2 things I care about more than anything in this profession, Is respect for being able to spit bars better than ALOT of ppl and also being seen as a “songwriter” not JUST a lyricist. This song called Suburban Cowboy (produced by CJ Beats) is the title track from my latest EP.. Its a song about funny but also serious suburban stereo types, It has a very chill laid back vibe but its also lyrical with versatile rhyme schemes as well as a catchy sing songy hook.. As you listen each verse gets better in terms of lyrical rhyme scheme patterns.. It also has a cool storytelling vibe to it as each verse has its own theme/setup.. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did writing and recording it.

(ALL songs mixed by Scott Mix)

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