Arkatek – Mr. Nice Guy

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Arkatek {aka Ed Rowe} of Atlanta, GA and KelpiNINE of Ukraine forge musical roots to construct a dynamic sound foundation known as Master Builder. Both artists lay the ‘Groundwork For Glory’ through insightfully sharp lyricism and heavy soul-sonic soundscapes. Arkatek encourages listeners to gravitate towards their greatness [‘Come To Your Dreams’] by surpassing limitations [‘Threshold’] and remaining true to one’s self [maintaining ‘Structural Integrity’]. KelpiNINE cements the album’s craftsmanship by providing Golden Era-esque boom-bap production, laden with bass-infused drum beats and diverse sample-based rhythms.  Master Builder provides the framework for HipHop to flourish organically from Underground to Mainstream and every surface in between.

Peace & Love!!

Arkatek - Mr. Nice Guy

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