(Album Review) The Insurgency Files: Case#16316 - Jigsama Bin Rhymin

Posted on October 28, 2012 by | 246 views

"Jigsama Bin Rhymin Aka Jigsaw" from the infamous Hip Hop Duo P.C.P blesses us with a solo album full of nothing but raw punch you in the face music. I had these tracks on repeat in my car for a couple of days now. Jigsama Album "{The Insurgency Files: Case #16316 features dope rhymes, bangin beats and taste of everything all in one. One of my favorites is "Fag Captured" alongside artists Smarts, Caper and Skampoe they flipped it all in Spanish. Involving their Latino roots in a raw hip hop track changed everything about the song. Other tracks such as "Spic Ops" featuring Sinista and Jehovallah Da Prophett aka Skampoe really had my car rattling. As I stopped at a stop light in the Bronx I had people bopping their heads to "Darkstarz Symphony".

I Can Truthfully say this is an album that is worth listening to. The Insurgency Files features some good collaborations with other underground hip hop artists not to mention the production was tight. Jigsama knew exactly what he was doing with this album. Make sure you Download "The Insurgency Files: Case#16316 by Jigsama Bin Rhymin.

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