Subscribe:… This is the sequel Part 2 to #FriendZoneTheMovie Now that Harlem Rapper Carlovy Musicc & Ashanti are a couple will they remain faithful? What happened to Apollonia? Will he get his money back ? Will the murders go unsolved ? Questions all answered in this new Harlem Romantic Drama Comedy #FriendZoneTheMovie2 Jan.2nd 2019 Starring Carlovy Musicc, TheNativeAmbition Danielle Louis, Milada Garcia and more. BIG familiar cast. Hilarious, Funny, Action, Love, Drama with a lot of guest appearances. #FriendZoneTheMovie2 Directed, Filmed, Edited, Written and Produced by: Andre Slocumb-Warlick #carlovymusicc #noslackinginvolved Hood movie . indie . unity #harlem

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