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Straight from Bridgeport, CT P.C.P. Keeps the Hardcore form of Hip Hop Alive with their New Album "Street Kundoe: Return to 2 Da Dojo" which is a 20 Track Album released through Darkstarz Records is full of the hardcore art form. P.C.P. which is short for Poverty Crime & Pain Have released solo albums even after the newly released album. After listing to the whole album It reminded me of that raw hip hop from the golden era of hip hop music. Both members of P.C.P. methods of lyrics gives a whole different feel to the music.

The raw witty flows with the Ill beats completely won me over with this particular album. The idea of the album reminded me of the best know Hip Hop Group "Wu-tang Clan". Skampoe and Jigsaw took charge of every beat on the album to showcase their skills. One of my favorites is "No Ones Worthy As King" The beat is epic and both MC's took charge with their ferocious rhymes.

We caught up with P.C.P. and Interviewed them here's what they had to say.

What Does P.C.P. Stand for? How did you come up with that name?

Jig: We originally started off as p.c. as in poison clan. We were all fans of the movie The 5 Deadly
Venoms also being huge fans of Wu Tang Clan is what inspired us to give ourselves that name.
It was a Graff crew put together by my peoples in high school.
The members were drue,snot,chump,dune,and myself of course.
My Graff name was omen or kingomen.
We changed it to PCP cuz police were looking to catch bombers(us) tagging up p.c.
That and PCP sounds cooler. At that time it was all about the graffiti back then
and we added other members throughout connecticut new york and Puerto Rico.
In Puerto Rico is when I linked up with the God Skampoe after not seeing each other since we were kids
and got him down with the PCP movement.
On and off we were inspired to write verses since those times but our main addiction was graffiti.
We got split up due to the trials and tribulations of life,
but when we linked back up in the early 2000s PCP evolved into a street team.
After all we experienced together...
we decided to put everything we wrote over a beat and start makin this music.
There are others that are affiliated with us
due to family ties throughout the years but we are the face of PCP when comes to this music.
They're out there listening so we're reppin for them as well.

JehovAllah: Word Up,PCP Providing Constant Punishment,Pistol Clappin Proricans Pop Corn Playaz and all dat ahahah

How does your music differ from the music on the radio?

Jig: We pride ourselves in being emcees,
I refuse to spit wack rhymes. .
That and saying the same shit in every track.
Lyricism and diversity doesn't seem to be a priority to mainstream artists or record labels.
We're from the boom bap era so I gotta have some neck snapping drums to compliment our styles.
With that being said,
even producers don't try to sound different from the next cat.
Seems like the labels want everyone to sound the same from the rapper to the producer.
Every song is about how much money you got,
how much champagne you pour on "bitches", and the size of the rims that you got on your truck.
The worst part is everyone talks about how nice they are but they pretty much all sound the same.
I feel that we draw our inspiration from legendary artists from the likes of Rakim, Kool G Rap, KRS One,
Biggie, 2 pac, Big L, Big Pun Boot Camp Click, Wu Tang Clan, Gangstarr...the list goes on.
So the attitude is if we can't live up to those standards why bother.
To sum it up we try to sound different lyrically and musically getting better and better with every verse
written. We don't rhyme to sell records, we love hip hop deeper than anybody can understand and to let ya
know PCP aint nothin to play with. We the eyelisst!

JehovAllah: Yea, we consider our selves HipHop Connoisseur so we aint finna put out shit thats
lower in standards of whats on out Ipods Playlists.. fuck that!

What are your expectations and direction with your music?

Jig: My expectations are for someone that I've never met to know who we are as
individuals and as PCP. For someone how to say how good we are and quote shit that we said in our
music is enough for me to say I did my job as an emcee.
I want to walk out of my house 1 day and hear PCP being played in someone's car stereo as
they drive past. I feel I've already achieved my expectations cuz there are hundreds of
people out there that have gone through the trouble of downloading our music via Facebook,
webforms etc... I've Even had people hit me up and asked me to send them downloads of older
albums to add to their collection of PCP projects. Don't get me wrong there's nothing
wrong with making money off of what you love to do, but we do this cuz we love it...fuck the money.

jehovAllah: i dont have expectations, i do his shit for me and for my car, so i can have some thing dope to
bump while i drive since there aint nothing worth playing on the radio.. i swear if niggaz would step they rap game up i wouldnt need to make my own records.
i use to love it back then when we use to wait for our fav rappers album to drop and bump that shit for years deciphering every thing said on the songs front to back, replay value was a must back then...
now the labels dictate what sound cats need to produce so like Jig said, it all sounds the same simple minded corniness that only young dump kids with weak parenting finds appealing.. we too grown for all that wak shit sun.
pardon my rant... proceed. ajahahah

How have you progressed from a year ago today?

Jig: We record mix and master our own music.
As far as the vocals go I mean...
we've had a number of different producers contribute to our projects.
I've learned how to put an album together on my own.
Skampoe has always taken care of that with all our albums.
For my second solo he wanted me to take full control of it
so as to be more my vision and such.
So peace to him for that cuz it was definitely a growing experience.
Also working with Caper and Darkstarz Records is gettin us out there more so many thanks to him as well.

JehovAllah: WORD UP, DARKSTARZ, the illest team on the come up NO DOUBT!
but yea when we first started our vision and lyrics was there, the technical aspect had to be learned and mastered, we are students of this culture so with every song every record every collaboration its always a learning experience,
PEACE to every one who added on to our knowledge with positive and negative input from the start,
all that was used to get to this point where we getting interviewd cuz we makinsum kind of buzz,
so thats dope, ELEVATION MA NIGGAZ!

Who or what are your influences when you are creating music?

Jig: I mentioned a bunch of influences in the previous question there's too many to mention
but honestly no 1 from this decade.
If I Had to pick out emcees that have inspired my style,
I would have to say Pun, Kool G Rap, and Bumpy Knuckles.
As far as producers, its gotta be Premo, Rza, Pete Rock, and Muggs.

JehovAllah: me, i dont have a style persay, i dont even know how to count bars, i just get inspired by ill beats and i just speak my peace to the mic...
but yea Puerto Rican HIPHOP from Puerto Rico is my favorite,
80% of the music fount in my hard drive is spanish rappers from Puerto Rico,
i dont hardly listen to english raps unless
is classic albums by the gods that jigs done mentioned here already or my WU CORP ARMY family
...hope that answers the question.

Where do you see the future of Underground Hip Hop in 5 years ?

Jig: It all depends on when people decide to stop lying to themselves and admit that these
new cats ain't nice. At least from a mainstream standpoint.
I've heard a lot of dudes that were dope before they broke through so you would think at some
point they would take it back.
So again it all depends on who's keepin they ear to the pavement.

JehovAllah: TRUE! but yo, underground niggaz tryna sound like the mainstream if
not they rappin bout street shit that
we done lived thru and im almost certain they aint been thru or is liable to do.
other than that, theres hope for the exclusive battle circuits
thats out right now, alot of ill cats out there
destroying cats and to me thats the real UNDERGROUND, the underground i care to check for...

Who are your top 5 Best MC's ?

Jig: Pun, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Guru (r.I.p.), and Skampoe.
There's so many more but those are my top picks.
My favorite emcee right now is Sean Price,
dude gets iller with every album.

JehovAllah: aaaahhh i cant even begin to answer that,
my list changes every day every hour of my life..
but as far as the niggaz i fucks with on my personal
Icabod Chang
Darkstarz Records whole Roster

Do you plan out your Albums? or do you just go with the flow?

Jig: Yes and no,
we plan out albums and we go with the flow at the same time.
Some albums have a theme like Darkest Knights, Street Kundoe, both Homocide Hill albums,
The Sickness, and The Insurgency Files.
Putting together a mixtape with different songs works pretty good too
but there seems to be a lot of diversity in every project we drop anyway.

JehovAllah: WORD UP!

We all agree that the radio has been releasing nothing
but garbage wwhat do you think can help change that?

Jig:You mean besides PCP?
When the record industry starts appreciating hip-hop culture as an art
form all over again.
When they stop making every artist they sign sounds like everyone else been
sounding for the past 10 to 15 years.
When they begin to acknowledge the underground circuit again and realize
that there's way more talent below the surface.

JehovAllah: yess,we been so hungry and starving out this bitch that we gave the power to the record labels to the point where they manipulate and dictate how every artist should sound, that its self removes the art from the
artist and just leaves clones of sheep porch monkeys jiggaboo coonery
mu fuckaz that tap dance for money.. niggaz do what ever for money,
so untill teh day money dont matter no more, shits dead up there...

Do you work with specific Producers, Dj's or Artist? Name them.

Jig: Caper of course, Smarts, Ern Dawgy, Style, Max Mantis, Icabod Chang...
we pretty much work with anybody that is talented be it producer or emcee.
Street Kundoe was fully produced by M.O.D.( the merchant of death).
We had tracks produced by the likes of 7th Grand, Junior Makhno, Prof. Rino, Lucid, Chief Bob,
Poizon Flowerz, and Bronze Feet. There's more and if they reading this...peace to all yall!

JehovAllah: WU CORP ARMY, if the army was to re unite and put all our forces together,
we can single handely bring down
the weak mainstream and change and the game back to its original state...

What did you think about NAS New Album ?
Jig: It's was dope. Not no Illmatic but definitely certified dopeness.
I'd love to hear NAS work with Premo, Pete Rock, and Large Professor for production again.
I haven't picked up many albums cuz of how much I hate the current state of hip hop but
this is 1 of the few purchases along with the Bumpy Knuckles and DJ Premier album.

JehovAllah: havent heard it.

Available for download at http://www.mediafire.com/?6a9aix4lnk1jxx3
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